Dorothy Dunnett

01 Aug 2012

:). Did I mention she is my favourite author. Well, she is that for many many more people. When I first finished ‘The Game of Kings’, I became sad thinking ‘How will any book I ever read measure up to this?’ Immediately then, the thought came that there were more to read in the Lymond series itself and many more by this very author and that cheered me up.

This site is one dedicated to her by a fan and publisher and is one of the many about her. This one though has the distinction of having been written by someone who knew her personally.

Along with many very useful links and FAQs, it also has a section called condolences - written to her family immediately after her death in Nov 2001. There are many but this one seemed closest to how I felt and so have reproduced it here:

“I discovered Dorothy’s Game of Kings when I was 16 years of age. I am now 51 and I never found an author who bettered the intelligence of her writing, the strength of her characterisation and the joyfulness of the landscapes she depicted. There are many, like me, who travelled to Scotland and breathed in the history, the joys, the tragedies that Dorothy brought to life through Frances Lymond and Phillipa. I feel a great hollowness in my life, knowing that there will never be another Dorothy masterpiece to look forward to. The community and fellowship her works inspired amongst her readers are but one of the many legacies that she gifted to us. Dorothy - thank you… Carmel Macpherson Australia”