Evolution of Morality

01 Aug 2012

Read the phrase ‘the evolution of morality’ in an article a few days back and found it interesting.

I think morality evolves because of two distinctly identifiable factors. One is knowledge. As we discover more, we reevaluate our sense of right and wrong: A child’s sense of morality is different from that of an adult. Another is circumstance - practices like ‘Sati’ made sense to the people who lived then in their time. Now, they are considered immoral.

The last example was very easy. Consider one that is not so clear: ‘Loyalty to one’s employer’. Earlier, one identified oneself with the company. Now, we say stuff like: “I work for money. If you want loyalty, get a dog. People from my father’s generation would probably consider the second attitude wrong but it is just an outcome of changing times.

Am not questioning whether one attitude is better than the other. Just wondering where we are going. :).