Book Review: Zero Sight by Justin B Shier

14 Oct 2014

This book is what the Twilight series could have been if they’d been written about smart teens who weren’t always lovesick or coping with self pity and angst. Or if the Harry Potter series were about college going teens and there was actual bloodshed and gore

The story is that of a young boy with an abusive father. It begins with him getting into a school fight with a bully, one which he has initiated, methodically planned and executed. But it goes terribly wrong ending up with a boy dead and him in the hospital.

The fight also brings him to the notice of a group of people who then invite him to join a very elite college. One he would never have been able to get into otherwise. Here, he meets very interesting people: a druid from Ireland, a bipolar vulnerable vampiress and even straightforward all american jocks.

He finds himself a pawn in an ongoing war. One being fought for causes noone has fully comprehended.

The author, a practicing MD, creates a fantasy set in modern times which, while clearly about college students and their lives, manages to remain clever and engaging.

I enjoyed the story and the writing - especially the humor. Recommended. Especially if you’ve read & enjoyed books by Jim Butcher.

Edit: It has been 5 years since these books and 3 years since any activity on social media by the author. So, a word of warning: it is likely the 3rd book will not be written