Book Review: Blackwing by Ed McDonald

27 Feb 2018

I don’t usually enjoy post apocalyptic novels. This book was an exception.

The book started out similar to The Vagrant. The Misery is not a place I’d like to find myself in. And Galharrow is not a typical hero. Infact he is easy to dislike: quick to run away or even sacrifice others to save himself. To make matters worse, neither side in the conflict seems better than the other.

But as the story progresses, you realise that it is actually about honour and hope.

The backstory is explained quickly and got out of the way. Though a lot of time isn’t spent explaining the secondary characters, they are still well fleshed out. So much so, I found myself willing to read entire books dedicated to almost all of them.

Most fantasy is about a journey. Either an actual one or one of self discovery. Fantasy authors work within this cliche. Galharrow’s journey is both interesting and cleverly told. It is a journey of discovery but for the reader. You realise that what others think of Galharrow - or even what he thinks of himself- is not what he actually is.

This book doesn’t read like a debut. It is self assured and masterfully written. It was engrossing. I read all day and into the night.


My criticisms are two. [ One, I wasn't happy with the final plot twist - it felt a little forced. The second is I thought the author should have killed a character who was resurrected.

Highly recommended.