Wiki Strategies: Link agressively

01 Aug 2012

(This post has been edited to remove company-specific information)

Something we’ve realized over the last few months is that though pieces of information are useful by themselves, their usefulness multiplies based on their relevance to other content.

Because of this realization, a feature of FossWiki which we didn’t appreciate much has become the most useful. ‘Wiki Words’ or words with Camel case letters are automatically interpreted as links by the wiki’s engine. This, coupled with the default ‘references’ search code found on every topic ensures that any topic which refers to this one is shown as a link.

We’ve taken this one step further by displaying specific content (example related FAQs in a topic) rather than just a raw set of links. The code for this was added to a common footer included at the bottom of every topic (using the template). This approach also ensures that the search logic can be tweaked afterward without having to modify topics.